Open Spaces Committee:

Chair: Cllr David Griffiths

About the Open Spaces Committee

The Open Spaces Committee is responsible for all matters associated with the environment and public open spaces within the parish  and issues relating to drainage. This includes management of all land that is the responsibility of the council (such as Chilbolton Cow Common, Memorial playing field, the allotments, village greens, West Down Nature Reserve), and responsibility for the council’s input to management of other publicly-owned or managed open spaces (such as rights of way).

The Committee is tasked with ensuring that all open spaces are maintained in favorable condition for biodiversity, and for the safe use and enjoyment by Chilbolton residents and visitors.


At least one serving parish councillor and enough local residents to cover the range of expertise required to perform the wide range of tasks should make the membership of the committee.  The parish councillor will be nominated by the Parish Council at the Annual Parish Meeting. Local residents who wish to be on the committee or join a working group for a specific project should apply to the Parish Council or make their wishes known at a COSC meeting. The committee will nominate its Chairman for one year at its first meeting immediately after the parish council’s monthly meeting in May when the council’s member will be nominated.

Current parish council members serving on committee: – David Griffiths


Meetings are currently held on the second Thursday of the month at 18:30, (location to be arranged).

The times and the agenda of each meeting are posted on the notice boards on Grindstone Green, village hall & adjacent to Branksome Close and also in Chilbolton Stores about a week before the meeting.

Parishioners are welcome to attend any parish council and its committees’ meetings, and time is made available for them to voice any concerns.

 COSC Terms of Reference – Agreed at the Annual Parish Council meeting held on 15/5/23

War Memorial Playing Field Development Group Terms of Reference – Agreed at the Parish Council meeting held on 03/07/2023

Minutes from 1/1/2022 and information on older minutes can be found on the Meetings page – click here 


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