Planning Subcommittee

 Chair: Cllr Sue Larcombe (
Vice-Chairman Cllr Julian Hudson (  

Important planning applications will be listed on this page. Scroll down to see past Planning Subcommittee minutes.To see details of any planning application in TVBC, please click the link below which links to the Test Valley Borough Council Planning portal.

Please contact the Parish Council via the  Contact link if you wish to comment on any planning applications. However, it is recommended that you also contact TVBC via the Planning  Portal  if you wish to object to or support any particular application.


Click the image below to see the Neighbourhood Development Plan

Chilbolton Parish Council Planning Committee

About the Planning Committee

Chilbolton Parish Council is currently an advisory body to the Local Planning Authority (Test Valley Borough Council) for all planning applications that relate to the parish area.
The Planning Committee is constituted to consider and to respond on behalf of the Council in respect of such applications.


Membership consists of a minimun of four and a maximum of five members at least three of those members are to be parish councillors.  Currently those members are Geoff Cockram, Tony Ewer, Katie Bradley and Sue Larcombe.
Membership of the committee will be as decided at the Annual Parish Council meeting each year.


Meetings are held when new planning applications need to be discussed and are generally on the first and third Monday of the month at 18:30 at the Durnford Room, Chilbolton Village Hall.  

Should a meeting be required the date, time and agenda of the meeting shall be posted on the notice boards on Grindstone Green, village hall & adjacent to Branksome Close and also in Chilbolton Stores about a week before the meeting.

Parishioners are welcome to attend any meeting, and time is made available for them to voice any concerns.

Terms of Reference – these were updated and agreed at the Annual CPC meeting held on 15 May 2023.

Minutes from 1/1/2022 and information on older minutes can be found on the Meetings page- click here

For information held by Chilbolton Parish Council relating to Test Valley Borough Council Local Plan, Settlement Boundary and Test Valley Farm Planning Application, please click here

For Chilbolton Parish Council’s response to TVBC Local Plan 2040 Reg 18 Consultation, Please click here

For Chilbolton Parish Council’s response (submitted 2/4/24) to TVBC 2040 Local Plan regulation 18 Stage 2 consultation, please click here