Flood Advisory Group:

Chair:  Cllr George Marits


About the Flood Advisory Group (FAG)

On behalf of the relevant Statutory Authority the FAG shall

1. Monitor regularly the village’s flood mitigation measures (drains, culverts, watercourses and ditches) and ensure that they are ‘fit for purpose’.

2. To advise the relevant Statutory Authority and land owners in the event of the flood mitigation measures being deemed to be in need of remedial action, and

3. To liaise with the appropriate authorities and land owners in order to assist with the implementation of any measures which may be required in the light of experience.


At least one serving parish councillor and enough local residents to cover the range of expertise required.

The parish councillor will be nominated by the Parish Council at the Annual Parish Meeting. Local residents who wish to be on the FAG should apply to the Parish Council. The FAG will nominate its Chairman for one year at its first meeting immediately after the parish council Annual Parish Meeting.

Current serving councillor: – George Marits

Other non-councillor members: – Moya Grove, Neil Watson, Graham Kelly and Terry Gilmour.


The FAG meetings are held approx. once a quarter and are not open to the public. The FAG reports to and advises the parish council.

Terms of Reference

Report from Chilbolton Flood Advisory Group (CFAG)


Coley Lane Filtering Station – The little station on Coley lane is part of Environment Agency’s gauging station facilities. There the river is in just two channels (quite a rare thing) so they put a weir on the river bed in 1989  to measure the flow. That’s where they get the river flow data and  graphs that the FAG rely on.  https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/372912/Test_Flow.pdf


Southern Water Infiltration Reduction Plan for Chilbolton (September 2021, Version 2.2) and Generic Infiltration Reduction Plan (Typical Over-pumping Arrangements) diagrams and pictures


Parish Council letter to Southern Water’s CEO, Mr L. Gosden re Southern Water pump-house and pipework in Chilbolton (Feb ’24) (attached here)