Chilbolton Parish Council Clerk:

Mandy Denyer

I was born in Andover War Memorial Hospital and grew up in Andover until the age of 9.  My family then moved to Garston Mede, Chilbolton (into my mum’s old family home where she grew up) and I went to Wherwell Primary School.  We were only there a year, as we moved to Cowdown when my mum became the Marquess of Camden’s housekeeper (although he was Lord Brecknock then).

I then went to Winton Secondary School in Andover.  And later to Cricklade College.

I briefly lived in Tidworth and Durrington, before moving to Wherwell 18 years ago when I took over from my mum to become the Marquess of Camden’s housekeeper when my parents moved to Scotland.

Growing up, horses were my big passion.  I was lucky to have my own pony from the age of 7.  I took part in various pony & horse activities, including riding my own horse in Point-to-Points.  I stopped riding around 10 years ago.  Although I haven’t missed horse riding, I missed the adrenaline.  So a few years ago I decide that I didn’t want to ride pillion anymore and I took my full motorbike test and now have my own motorbike. 

I started working as Chilbolton Parish Council’s Clerk in October 2011.  The variety of work makes it a very interesting job and working from home with flexible working hours means I get to spend all day with our 4 dogs (and cat).