Cllr David Hall

David joined Chilbolton Parish Council in October 2020. He chairs the Community Fundraising Group and is also an active member of COSC (Chilbolton Open Spaces Committee).

Originally from Cumbria, David and his wife Denise moved to Chilbolton in 2007 when they moved back to the UK from Germany, where David had been running Royal Bank of Scotland’s European Consumer Finance business. Since that time, regular travel for Virgin Group and his consultancy business didn’t allow much time for community activities but first Brexit and then Covid have meant a complete change of focus.

David and Denise are founders of Local Zero, a Chilbolton and Wherwell based sustainable shopping service covering most of Hampshire. He is also a governor at Test Valley School in Stockbridge and Denise is the Administration Officer at Wherwell Primary School. Both are active performers with Andover Musical Theatre Company and they seem to have passed on their thespian genes to daughters Charlie and Francesca who attend school, music and drama groups in Winchester.